Thursday, February 28, 2013

Am I the only one that notices a colossal similarity between the White House and a fraternity house? So many want to buck the guy in charge. I am not just referring to Obama, but there are a lot of things Bush had to say that received a ton of backlash. Its like we have lost all sense of respect for THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! I used capitals throughout because its kind of a big deal and occupation. Obviously I am no journalist, but I feel like I do not need to be one to give my opinion on this matter.

What do I do you ask? Great question!

I am a young woman fed up with the country fighting and playing the blame game! No one person is to blame for what the hell America has got itself into. Instead of standing around and pointing the finger, while chugging beer and hooking up with prostitutes, lets take a look at something as simple as future damage control.

I have a non profit in construction called Potential Me. I would direct you to a website, but my IT guy is making it super cute! Potential Me is going to start where I reside, Baltimore, and it will start educating our youth, 1 by 1, about the importance of living up to your full potential.

Mission Statement- to provide resources necessary to support Baltimore's youth that may feel they are a product of a less than fortunate environment.
For instance, college is not for everyone, and there are many trade-jobs out there to feed a city. Potential Me will dress, groom, and educate the next generation about making money for yourself and that living off the system is the LAST resort. Potential Me will keep tabs on these individuals to help them succeed. So many non profits do nothing at all, and I am here to break the norm. Too many kids these days think it is cool to receive food stamps, I asked why, I was told because, and I quote, "let some nerd pay for my **it". Interesting... So there are actually ignorant people that believe having a job is considered being square? WTF, where have we gone wrong?

While congress argues with each other, and we tune into the news to watch, who in the hell is watching the kids?

About an hour ago I posted a very factual comment on the NAACP website; after hitting enter I received a message informing me my message will have to be approved. LOL, lets see if it is posted. To sum it up, I asked why in the hell did Wells Fargo team up with the NAACP to give webinars to 50 students about building credit and paying off student loans?? Why not give these 50 students a list of job openings! Crap I tell you, such crap!


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